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Lynchburg Little League

Lynchburg Little League

TUESDAY GAME (7/12/2022)

Bradford Field

D9 West Springfield vs D5 Tuckahoe: D5 Tuckahoe Wins!!

Monday Games (7/11/2022)

10:00AM Bradford Field 

D9 West Springfield vs. D3 Broadway: D9 West Springfield Wins 3-2

10:00AM Lloyd Field

D11 Tazewell vs D7 York County: D7 York County Wins 3-2

1:00PM Bradford Field

D5 Tuckahoe vs D8 Virginia Beach: D5 Tuckahoe Wins 19-1

1:00PM Lloyd Field

D15 Spotsylvania vs D16 Loudoun:  D16 Loudoun Wins 5-2


4:00PM Bradford Field: 
D9 West Springfield vs D7 York County : D9 West Springfield Wins 10-0

6:00PM Lloyd Field:
D5 Tuckahoe vs D16 Loudoun: D5 Tuckahoe Wins 4-1

SUNDAY GAMES (7/10/2022)

D15 Spotsylvania vs D8 Virginia Beach: D15 Spotslyvania Wins 5-2
D11 Tazewell vs D14 Mcintire: D11 Tazewell Wins 9-2

D13 Ridgeview vs D2 Bedford Metro: D13 Ridgeview Wins 14-12
D12 Cave Spring vs D3 Broadway:  D3 Broadway Wins 15-0

D16 Loudoun vs D6 Bennetts Creek: D16 Loudoun Wins 23-0
D9 West Springfield vs D7 York County: D9 West Springfield Wins 6-0

D5 Tuckahoe vs D10 Fairfax: D5 Tuckahoe  Wins 8-7
D4 Vienna vs D1 Abingdon: D4 Vienna Wins 1-0


What another great day on the field!  So great that we were able to play despite the rain!  See you all tomorrow!

D13 Ridgeview vs D8 Virginia Beach: D8 Virginia Beach Wins 4-3
D12 Cave Spring vs D14 Mcintire:  D14 Mcintire Wins 19-7

D2 Bedford Metro vs D15 Spotsylvania: D15 Spotsylvania Wins 12-2
D3 Broadway vs D11 Tazewell: D11 Tazewell Wins 9-1

D5 Tuckahoe vs D6 Bennetts Creek: D5 Tuckahoe Wins 30-3
D4 Vienna vs D7 York County: D7 York County Wins 7-6

D10 Fairfax vs D16 Loudoun:  D16 Loudoun Wins 9-2
D1 Abingdon vs D9 West Springfield: D9 West Springfield  Wins 19-3

FRIDAY GAMES (7/8/2022)

What an exciting day at the park!!  Lots of great games with players working hard despite the heat!  Here is our score update for today.

D9 West Springfield vs D4 Vienna: D4 Vienna Wins 6-5
D16 Loudoun vs D5 Tuckahoe: D5 Tuckahoe Wins 5-3

D7 York County vs. D1 Abingdon: D7 York County Wins 17-0
D6 Bennetts Creek vs D10 Fairfax: D1 Fairfax Wins 19-0

D11 Tazewell vs D12 Cave Spring: D11 Tazwell Wins 13-2
D15 Spotsylvania vs D13 Ridgeview: D15 Spotsylvania Wins 12-0

D14 Mcintire vs D3 Broadway: D3 Broadway Wins 14-4
D8 Virginia Beach vs D2 Bedford Metro: D8 Virginia Beach Wins 9-4


Pool 1:
D9 West Springfield (2-1)
D4 Vienna (2-1)
D7 York County (2-1)
D1 Abingdon (0-3)

Pool 2:
D11 Tazewell (3-0)
D12 Cave Spring (0-3)
D14 Mcintire (1-2)
D3 Broadway (2-1)

Pool 3:
D16 Loudoun (2-1)
D5 Tuckahoe (3-0)
D6 Bennetts Creek (0-3)
D10 Fairfax (1-2)

Pool 4:
D15 Spotsylvania (3-0)
D13 Ridgeview (1-2)
D8 Virginia Beach (2-1)
D2 Bedford Metro (0-3)


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