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Game Procedures & Guidelines

I.  Pre-Game (45 minutes before game time)

Until play begins, the game belongs to the TOURNAMENT Director ("TD").  The Tournament Director is a direct representative of the District Administrator ("DA").  The TD and BOTH Managers (or approved coach) shall meet at the game site (behind home plate) 45 minutes prior to the schedules game time.  A coin shall be flipped - the winner may choose either home/visitor.  The home team SHALL have the 1st base dugout and the visitor team SHALL tale the 3rd base dugout.  If only one team is present at coin toss 45 minutes prior to game time, no coin toss is necessary.  The team present may pick home or visitor.

TD check list at coin toss - PLAN SAFE AT ALL TIMES

  1.   Introduce managers/representative
  2.   Collect Affidavits/Pitching Records (Meeting cannot continue without them)
  3.   Any questions about ineligible players
  4.   State that all rules will be followed to the letter.  Give any clarifications necessary (i.e. substitution rules, mandatory playing time, lights out procedure, pitcher eligibility).
  5.   Bench control and spectator control.
  6.   Discuss safety (No on deck batters, catcher's equipment, batting helmets, etc.), Base coaches (staying in boxes), notification of line ups/substitutions.  Please keep your players well hydrated.
  7.   Ten Run Rule (4:10c)
  8.   Game halted by weather
  9.   Protests - resolved at field.
  10.   Night Games (Curfew) field times.  Remind managers of lights out time and when the last inning will start.
  11.   Good luck to both teams, toss of coin (Winner chooses Dugout - 1st base home/3rd base visitor)
  12.   The TD shall see that both teams are in their respective dugouts 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time.

II.  PRIOR TO START OF THE GAME (30 minutes before game time)

The visiting team (3rd base dugout) begins 10 minutes of infield practice 30 minutes prior to game time.  The home team begins 10 minutes of infield practice 20 minutes prior to game time.

Ten (10) minutes before game-time, both teams will be introduced as follows:

  1.   Visiting team by Batting Order, Subs, Coaches, Manager, League President, or League Representative.
  2.   Home Team by Batting Order, Subs, Coaches, Manager, League President or League Representative.
  3.   NOTE: Players will line up on their respective base line (Home 1st base side, Visitor 3rd base side).
  4.   Umpires announced (3rd, 2nd, 1st base, and Home Plate/Umpire-in-Chief Umpire).
  5.   Official scorekeeper, Pitch counter, and announcer.
  6.   Tournament Director.

At end of introductions, the National Anthem is played (1st game only) with everyone standing, this shall be followed by the Little League pledge (Home and Visitor Team representatives). Parents Pledge to be made by Team Parent from each team at their first game.

At the end of the National Anthem/Pledges, the Team Managers shall meet at home plate with TD and Umpires.

At Home Plate meeting, the TD will make all introductions, make any appropriate comments and then turn the proceedings over to the Chief Umpire. After any comments made by the Chief Umpire the game will begin.


In the event of rain or otherwise improper conditions, the TD only, makes the decision whether a game can be played, postponed, or delayed. The TD may solicit advice from Southern Region (as appropriate). DA, Umpires, Managers and Coaches. Safety and field conditions will be deciding factor. Prior to start of play, this decision is the sole responsibility of the TD.


Managers must have available a copy of the Tournament Rules (located in the back of the Little League Rulebook) and must be acquainted with the rules.

Managers shall meet with the TD 45 minutes prior to game time. (See instruction above for pre-game meeting). The actions of the Managers, Coaches, and League Officials must be EXEMPLARY at all times. No profane or unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. All incidents must be reported to the DA.

The Manager and Coaches must remain in dugout once the game begins. Request and receive time before leaving the dugout when the umpire acknowledges time has been called.

Managers, Coaches, and Players WILL NOT be permitted to question judgment calls either on the field or from the dugout. The questioning judgement calls will be grounds for removal from the game.

Managers, Coaches or ANY Adult will not be permitted to warm up a pitcher at home plate or in the bullpen or elsewhere at any time. (3.09)


All players must conduct themselves in an EXEMPLARY manner at all times. They may not throw equipment, including helmets, gloves and bats.

All players must remain in their dugouts and may not leave the field or dugout without permission of the umpire once play was started.

Players may not question judgment culls either verbally or through an exhibition or demonstration. NOTE: violation could result in removal from the game.

Players must hustle between innings... both offense and on defense.


Umpires shall inspect all equipment and fields prior to game time to ensure compliance with the Little League regulations. Any equipment found not to be official shall be removed before play begins. Umpires will meet with the TD, Managers, and Coaches at home plate following the playing of the National Anthem. At this meeting the Umpire-in-Chief will receive line-up cards. Umpires will review ground rules with both team representatives. Umpires will also discuss and insure both teams understand procedures for protest situation as stated in the Tournament Rules. Umpires should also, at this time, review and clarify any special light curfews at the respective playing field.

In the event of inclement weather, the umpire-in-chief should be available to offer advice if so requested by the TD.

Umpires SHALL not mingle with spectators, managers, or players before, during, or after a game. Umpires should leave the field immediately after a game.


The League hosting the game should ensure the following and provide the following:

  1.  Ensure that fields are in proper playing conditions.
  2.  Provide a Scorekeeper, Pitch Counter, and Announcer (Arrive 45-minutes prior to game time). Provide adequate ground crew to make repairs as needed.
  3.  Ensure that a Copy of Tournament Rules and these procedures are on the premises for each game.
  4.  Provide written ground rules prior to each game to Managers, Umpire-in-Chief and TD.
  5.  Provide free drinks during each game to umpires and Tournament Officials
  6.  Supply a public address system. Recording of National Anthem
  7.  Scorebook
  8.  Pitch Count Log
  9.  Appropriate. First-Aid equipment and/or a local volunteer aid unit.


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